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Published on July 23rd, 2012 | by Henri


Painting a bathtub

Q. We would very much appreciate your opinions and advice about the practicality of painting (spray/brush/roller?) a 50-year-old cast iron, porcelain-coated bathtub using epoxy enamel. We know about such plastic covers as Bath-Fitter, etc. but we hope the epoxy coating could also be quite satisfactory at considerably less cost. Could this be a homeowner’s do-it yourself project?

A. Yes you can paint your bathtub with epoxy. Just be sure that you clean the tub thoroughly with TSP-PF to remove any soap scum and other foreign matter.

Several paint manufacturers offer kits of two-part epoxy for that very purpose. One such kit, Tough As Tile Sink & Tile Finish, comes in pints or quarts (you’ll need a quart for a tub) and in several hues. But you can also buy the paint in white and have it tinted in several pastel colors. Two-part epoxy paints have varied working times so be sure that you check this out and follow the instructions so the paint does not harden on you before you finish applying it.

The best brushes to use are those with natural Chinese bristle. Get specific instructions from the paint store where you buy the paint on how best to apply it.

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