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Humane mouse traps?

Q.    I have been a faithful reader for years, and I think the expert advice you offer is great! But I object to your mention of a mousetrap that electrocutes the mouse!

I am not sure of the manufacturer, but there is a mousetrap that traps the mouse, without killing it, and air holes allow it to breathe until the homeowner can check it and free the mouse outside in the woods (or in the direction of a nasty neighbor’s house). It works like this: When the mouse enters all the way to get to the bait, the trap tips slightly, letting a door close behind the mouse. It can be opened to free the mouse and used over and over again. Since it is necessary to check the electrocuting trap to see if it is occupied anyway, the same applies for the humane one, too. I think this is a better alternative.

A.    I appreciate the concern that a number of readers have expressed over the years whenever the subject of how to dispose of mice comes up. But you must also have read in the same answer about the electronic mousetrap that mice multiply at an alarming rate and that they carry the hantavirus, which is responsible for a serious and even life-threatening disease. Freeing the mouse in the woods or releasing it at a neighbor’s house is not the answer to the proliferation of this nefarious rodent which can also chew through wires and cause fires as well as much other damage.

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