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Re-surfacing a concrete patio

Q.    My 15 feet by 22 feet concrete patio is 30 years old. Several years ago, I had it power-washed. The force of the water washed away the smooth top finish which left a coarse surface exposing the stones of the original mix. The patio is always dirty-looking and must be washed at least every two years.

What can I apply over the surface to improve its appearance?

A.    There are a number of vinyl-reinforced topping products available such as Top’n Bond and Thorocrete. However, your patio represents a very large area for you to handle by yourself in one operation so that the final product will be uniform. The working time of these products is also limited, which means you have to work fast or have more than one person working.

Your best options are to 1) Hire a concrete contractor to pour a new top that should be at least two inches thick or 2) Have a masonry contractor apply Thorocrete or lay flagstones or bricks over the patio.

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