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Replacing triple-pane window glass

Q.    My bi-level house in northern New Jersey has 13 triple-pane vinyl windows made by ThermalGard about 20 years ago. The windows are double hung, slider, casement, and picture. Most of the windows have water between the two panes of glass, and some have the interior glass cracked.

I plan to replace them. Can I just replace the glass instead of the whole window? What companies make the best windows for my house and have the best warranty? When do I expect to see water and cracked glass in the new windows? What contractors should I hire to replace the windows? Approximately how much do I pay for the best windows and for labor?

A.    Unless the original manufacturer is still around and its windows are still available in the sizes you have, you will have to replace the entire windows. If you read my column regularly you have probably seen that I favor Andersen and Marvin windows, having experienced first-hand their customer service and how they honor their warranties. If you opt for vinyl windows, select a top quality window.

Warranties vary but properly installed windows should last a long time without seal failure. If cracked glass was not caused by rough play, the windows may have been installed improperly. An experienced general contractor or window specialist is the person to contact. Finally, the cost will depend on which windows you choose.

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