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Electric heating costs

Q. Please answer quickly. We are in love with a beautiful house that’s for sale by owner. However there is one hitch! The house is electrically heated and we are scared of the bills. What are our options so we can decide how to proceed?

A. Consider the fact that electric heat is very versatile, allowing you to control the temperature in each room individually. It also always comes back on without having to reset anything after a power outage. If the house you are considering is well insulated and has quality windows, I would not worry about the form of heat. But if the house is not well insulated, you should consider improving the insulation and, if need be, replacing the windows. This is a much better long-term solution than replacing the heat source.

There are other options worth considering, such as warm air or hydronic (hot water) central systems or room units. The choice depends on the size and layout of the house but some of these are costly, require considerable disturbance to the interior of the house, and will not improve the comfort of the house.

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