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Covering plaster ceiling with Sheetrock

Q. The ceilings in our 70-year-old colonial home are plaster and are beginning to show lines horizontally and diagonally, making the ceilings look like a patchwork quilt. We are thinking of having Sheetrock put on over the ceilings so that we would have smooth ceilings throughout our downstairs’ level.

Some people with whom I have spoken about this have cautioned that screwing the Sheetrock into the plaster ceilings is not a good idea and that it might cause the ceiling to fall at a later date. The contractors we have received proposals from state that the screws they will be using will catch the beams and there will be no problem. Is this correct or will we have a problem later on?

A. What you propose to do is done very often in similar cases. If done by experienced contractors, you should have no problems now or in the future. As the contractors from whom you received proposals told you, the gypsum boards must be screwed onto the ceiling joists.

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