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Studs show through Sheetrock

Q. Our house is 25 years old. The stairway from the first to second floor is against an exterior wall. I want to paint that stairway but I have a minor problem. If you look at the Sheetrock, you see where all the studs are because the paint is darker, almost like if the Sheetrock was wet. All the screws have kind of popped a little so you also see where all of those are. The screws are no problem, I can take care of that, but the studs showing are another problem.

In the kitchen the same thing happened and, after washing the wall properly and using a primer/sealer along with two coats of high-grade paint, most of the stud marks went away but there are still some that show. The house is built with 2-inch by 4-inch construction, cedar clapboard with a Tyvek housewrap, R-11 insulation with a paper vapor barrier and half-inch Sheetrock.

A. The studs are showing because there is excessive humidity in your house for the type of construction you describe. Condensation occurs on the studs because they do not offer the same level of insulation as the insulated wall cavities. Dust floating in the air is deposited on these slightly damp areas and makes them stand out.

The only thing that you can do to lessen the problem, short of adding rigid insulation either inside or outside, is to reduce the humidity in the house, clean the walls as you did in the kitchen, and then paint them. The problem is likely to recur.

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