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Published on October 19th, 2012 | by Henri


Cleaning mold from vinyl siding

Q.    While we were on vacation, someone threw eggs at our vinyl-sided house. We tried several things to remove the dried mess and settled with hot water and ammonia. Now a couple of months later, we have a black mold-like growth where the eggs splattered. Help! I don’t know what the best treatment should be without damaging the siding.

A.    To remove the mold-like growth, mix one cup of TSP-PF and one quart of Clorox bleach to three quarts water (reduce the proportions accordingly if the area is small). Wash the siding gently with a soft bristle brush or clean rag so as not to “polish” it, which would leave shiny areas. Be sure to wear rubber gloves.

It sounds as if all of the eggs whites were not removed, so once the mold-like growth is gone, you may want to wash the siding with one of the following products: Fantastik, Lestoil, Lysol, Murphy’s Oil Soap or Soft Scrub. You probably have one or more of these on hand. Again, rub gently. Best of luck.

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