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Published on October 29th, 2012 | by Henri


Cleaning up spilled stucco

Q.    Recently we had our home re-stuccoed. Originally (15 years ago) it was coated with the stucco treatment that had a foam base. Then last summer, after finding cracks and learning that there was water damage under the stucco, we had the old fashioned, cement-like stucco treatment applied.

We’re happy with the work done except that the workmen were a bit messy. Some of the wet stucco got on our paver-block driveway and on the roof and now that it’s dried, it seems almost impossible to get off. The men who did the job have come back and tried to scrub it off, but it didn’t help much. Any suggestions on how to remove this dried stucco?

A.    Too bad the workers didn’t clean their mess immediately; it would have been so easy to get rid of the splatters by flushing them away with your garden hose at the end of a day’s work while the cement was still fresh. Now that the cement has set over the last few months it may not be possible to remove the splatters from the paver blocks, and it certainly can’t be done from the roof shingles without causing serious damage.

You should have the workers come back and try to chisel the excess hardened cement off the driveway paver blocks and remove any residue with muriatic acid. There is a risk that the cement is so attached to the pavers that chiseling it off may also take a chip off the pavers. But no attempt to remove the cement splatters from the roof shingles should be made; it will damage the shingles irreparably. Assuming that your house is 15 years old since this is when the stucco-like foam panels were originally installed, your roof shingles have about another five years life expectancy.

For the time being, you can mitigate the visual problem by staining the splatters to match the color of the shingles as closely as possible.

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