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Scum in toilet tank

Q.  We have a four-year-old home that is served by a private well. Our water quality is very good with little to no odor and is generally very clear. We noticed soon after moving into this new home that the holding tank for the toilet water became scummy with a grey/green stringy scum (no odor – just gross) that clings to the inside of the toilet tank and the flushing equipment.

We have tried bleaches and other toilet cleaning products to no avail. The only way to remove this is to hand scrub the holding tank.  Some of the scummy matter loosens with a very hard and long flush. Can you advise with any solution to this or if there is a commercial product we can purchase to eliminate this problem?

A.    According to my water specialist contact, who is as mystified as I am with your problem, the scum is certainly caused by some kind of bacteria. At this time, the only solution we can come up with is for you is to get toilet cleaning cakes and drop one of them into the toilet tank. The slow release may solve the problem. You may also want to have a water specialist analyze your water in the hope that he or she can clarify the mystery.

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