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Removing moss from retaining wall

Q.    Moss is growing on a cement block retaining wall. I would like to remove it and also prevent recurring growth. I have applied laundry bleach full strength that temporarily killed the moss but after another period of hot, humid weather, it grows back. Is there a method for removing it permanently?

A.    Removing the moss growth with bleach is a very good way to go but to keep it under control for at least one year, spray it with Moss & Mildew Killer. If you cannot find Moss & Mildew Killer locally in a garden supply, hardware or large discount stores, you can order it online at Moss & Mildew Killer comes in 2-pound shaker boxes or as hose-end sprayer.

The manufacturer claims that it will not damage shrubs, trees or lawn, but you should read and follow the directions carefully and follow them. It is said to be effective for a year.

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