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Repainting a wrought-iron gate

Q.      I live in a Spanish-style house with a black wrought iron gate and black wrought iron railings on the first and second stories. My husband painted everything black fifteen years ago. Now the gate is showing a lot of rust and I want to know what needs to be done to paint it again.

My husband can’t remember what he did as far as sanding and priming, and what kind of paint he used. Can you advise me on the steps to do this job and what I should use? I will do the job this time. I’ve seen advertised a small double roller; should I use it or a brush?

A.      The best way to remove rust is to use a steel brush. You should remove all loose scales but you need not remove all traces of rust. Once you are satisfied with the steel-brushing, use a regular brush with stiff bristles to remove all rust dust the steel brush left behind, or use a clean cloth dampened with mineral spirits to wash the metal.

To paint the wrought iron, you can use a paint specially formulated for metal that is a primer and a finish coat in one. A small brush is probably the best tool to use as it will get in small spaces a roller may not reach.

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