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Replacing a kitchen sink

Q.      My single cast-iron kitchen sink was installed about 30 years ago with a separate rim. I am planning to replace it with a self-rimming sink. What are the chances that the plastic laminate of the counter top will pull loose and crack when the sink is removed after all these years? I am leaning toward another cast iron sink but could you suggest something just as durable but lighter in weight, other than stainless steel?

A.      Unfortunately you won’t find out if the laminate will become loose or crack until you remove the sink. However, if it does become loose, you can re-glue it with contact cement. If it does crack, you have the choice of removing the laminate and replacing it, or you can choose to have the laminate slightly sanded and new laminate applied over it.

A person experienced in working with laminate such as a countertop specialist or a skilled carpenter can do this job. The only other suggestion I have regarding the choice of sink, since you do not want stainless steel, is a porcelain-enamel steel sink – a much lighter sink than cast iron.

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