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Water Hammer

Q.      I have an ongoing problem with water hammer. Every six months or so, I have to turn off the water main and drain the system to get rid of this hammering. It recurs within six months or so and is isolated to the upstairs bathroom and the dishwasher. My children tend to turn the bathroom faucets on and off very quickly. Could that abrupt action be a contributing factor? I’ve installed an arrester at the dishwasher, but the problem persists. Any suggestions?

A.      You didn’t say whether you have a well or are on a city water system. The fact that draining the system eliminates the water hammer for a while suggests that you are on a private well. If so, do you notice the water pulsating as it comes out of your faucets? If you have an old-fashioned pressure tank that gets waterlogged, you may need a new pressure tank.

If you are on city water, have a plumber check the city pressure. You might need  a pressure reducer or a Mini-Trol tank to absorb the shock from faucets that are being turned off very quickly as well as the sudden stops of the solenoid on your dishwasher.

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