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Replacing kitchen linoleum with laminate flooring

Q.    I am thinking about replacing my kitchen linoleum floor with laminate flooring. I have heard that there is one type of laminate flooring with a backing so as to eliminate noise when walking on it. Do you have any suggestion with regard to this?

A.    Alloc laminate flooring has an integral backing but other makes such as Pergo laminate flooring require a foam-type underlayment anyway.

Keep in mind in your planning that laminate floors and padding will add ⅜ to ½ inch thickness to your present floor. Unless your dishwasher has room to be moved up to just under the countertop or is already high enough on its adjustable legs, adding that much thickness to the floor can lock the dishwasher in. If it ever needs to be replaced, you will have to remove the kitchen countertop to be able to get it out.

One option is to have the existing linoleum removed but you should have an experienced
floor company technician check it out first to determine if it or its underlayment is likely to contain asbestos. In that case, it must be removed and disposed of by people trained in this type of work.

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