Published on December 17th, 2012 | by Henri


Small flies coming from humidifier?

Q.    I have a problem with small flies in winter. They are bigger than fruit flies and are easy to catch. I have a portable humidifier and I wonder if they are coming from it.

A.    I doubt that the presence of the flies is related to the humidifier. You have to replenish the water in the humidifier at least once a day from your drinking water supply and there is no way any fly eggs can grow that fast (assuming that they could grow in water at all). I hope you use an anti-bacterial solution when you refill the humidifier to ensure that the water does not grow nefarious bacteria that would be spewed into the air.

To identify the mysterious flies, catch a few of them and put them in a small box (not a plastic bag as they would get crushed in transport). Take or mail the specimens to your state university’s extension service or a local pest control professional for identification.

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