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Published on December 17th, 2012 | by Henri


Stopping seepage into basement

Q.    I get seepage in my basement when it rains for several days. It forms a large puddle on the floor. I bought the house knowing this defect two years ago. I have tried several times patching up the two pin-size holes in the foundation but the water always manages to get in and I have to use old towels to dry it up. I have used Quickrete Water-Stop Cement and  waterproofing paint but the water stills gets in. Is there any material to stop the leaks?

A waterproofing contractor came to my house for an estimate and he suggested installing a sump pump for $3,000 but part of the stairway would have to be removed to accommodate the pump. What advice can you give me?

A.    The product you used should have worked. There are others that do the same thing. Did you follow the instructions carefully?

I am not clear as to whether the leakage occurs only through or around the two holes in the wall and not also at the joint of the foundation wall. It sounds to me as if you have a grading problem. Check around critically, as I have seen water come into a basement from a long
distance away. One unusual case occurred when a dog had dug a hole under a bush to keep cool. A nearby downspout discharged roof water that filled that hole, and the water traveled to the opposite side of the house until it found a weak spot.

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