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Published on January 13th, 2013 | by Henri


Staining cedar shingles

Q.   We live in an old house with a slate roof over the main house and cedar shingles over the porch roof. My husband recently replaced the cedar shingles on the front porch. He did a nice job but now the shingles stand out with their yellow color and don’t blend in with the gray slate. I know they will fade in time but would it compromise the life span of the cedar if I stained them a gray in the meantime? If not, do you recommend a stain that I should use?

A.   Staining the cedar shingles will not compromise their life span if you use an oil-based stain that would replenish the natural oils any wood exposed to the elements loses over time. Any top brand exterior stain should do but you may need to have the tint you want mixed with the stain. Go to a good paint store or a hardware store that has a paint department where they mix paint to order.

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