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Published on January 30th, 2013 | by Henri


Moss grows on outdoor carpet

Q.    I am having a problem with the outdoor carpeting on my porch ledge and steps where rain hits the carpet. This year is the first time green moss is spreading. How do I get rid of it without ruining the carpet? The carpet on the porch floor is fine.

A.    The best way to get rid of moss — a bleach solution — is likely to damage the color of the carpet and perhaps its structure as well.

Under the circumstances, I suggest you try to clean the affected areas with a detergent such as Tide with Bleach Alternative or with Oxy-Boost, an oxygen bleaching agent  But be sure to try either one first in the most inconspicuous place you can find and wait a few days to see if the treated carpeting is affected negatively.

An alternative is to remove the carpeting from the ledge and steps of your porch.

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