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Cove molding to join ceiling sections

Q.    I would like to install cove molding in an attic room I am finishing. The ceiling is flat and then drops down to the short walls on the front and back of the room. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to install the cove molding at the intersection of the flat and sloping ceilings.

A.    Two suggestions: Rip a 2×2 (or larger, if needed) diagonally at the proper angle to fit the sloping (or splayed) ceiling and to offer a vertical edge onto which to install the cove molding. Install it so that its bottom will be 1/4 inch below the bottom of the cove molding. Install the cove molding.

Or, as an alternative, fasten the cove molding to the ceiling and fill the space between it and the splayed ceiling with several coats of drywall compound, building it up one layer at a time until you can finally curve it from the splayed ceiling to the bottom of the cove molding.

Either of these suggestions will make it easy for you to cope the molding at the corners (make the right angle joint fit) on the end walls.

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