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Removing lichen from asphalt roof

Q.    I have what appears to be lichen on my 20-year-old asphalt roof shingles. It’s curling up many of the shingles. I’d like to get a few more years out of the roof (the rest of it isn’t bad).

Any thoughts on how to remove the lichen?  (It’s definitely not moss/mildew — I’ve got that too and know I can remove that with a bleach solution). Any thoughts?

A.    Lichen and moss can be killed with the application of Wet & Forget. The dried-up florets will eventually wash away. Lichen does not hurt asphalt shingles; it just grows on the surface. It is not what is causing your shingles to curl.

The curling is caused by moisture absorption of the felt in organic shingles, which occurs more easily as they age. This encourages the growth of lichen and moss. Twenty years is the lifetime of the most frequently installed asphalt shingles but I have seen many organic shingle installations lasting quite a few years longer.

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