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Removing centipedes from basement

Q.    What can I do to get rid of centipedes in my house?  My basement is not damp but I know that is where they are coming from. I do not have any old boards, rotting wood, compost piles or anything else of that nature near my house. How can I get rid of them permanently?

A.    Centipedes are generally found in damp locations such as the ones you mention. If you do not have these conditions, are you sure they are centipedes?

Or do you have thick organic mulch in flowerbeds against the foundation of your home? This is a favorite place of centipedes, as they feed on insect and other animal life found in decomposing organic material.

Controlling centipedes requires removing the source of food, sealing all cracks in the foundation and keeping the basement dry. This may require you to remove any organic mulch and substituting rubber mulch for it.

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