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Stripping paint from indoor brick

Q.    We live in a 75-year-old house that has an attached garage. The garage was turned into a 3-season room by previous owners. We are redoing this room and turning it into a year-around insulated and heated room. One wall has been painted at least three times with different colors. Is there any way that the paint can be stripped off this wall to get back to the bare brick? Sandblasting? Other suggestions?

A.    Sandblasting is very messy and not practical indoors. Chemical removal is probably your best bet. I suggest you use the most appropriate of the Dumond Chemical Peel Away line of paint removers.

Peel Away 1 is available at any Sherwin-Williams store as well as various online sources. Peel Away 1 will remove 30-plus coats of old paint, is environmentally safe, and comes as a paste that is applied thickly to the surface and is covered with a cloth. Leave it on for the prescribed period. Using a broad-blade putty knife, get underneath the coating and peel it off like a skin. Wash the surface with water and a nylon scrub brush. When dry, neutralize the surface with the included Citri-Lize.

Peel Away 1 is particularly suited to removing lead-containing paint, which yours is likely to be.

Peel Away 1 comes in 1-1/4 and 5-gallon containers. A gallon covers 20 square feet.
Another choice is SmartStrip, also from Dumond Chemicals, a water-based gel stripper that does not need a neutralizer. Available from, 800-245-1191.

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