Published on February 5th, 2013 | by Henri


Removing carpet from basement floor

Q.  I had commercial type carpeting put throughout my basement. It was installed over a very thin yellow foam padding. It appears that the company that installed the carpet glued it to the cement floor! Years ago, we had flooding numerous times, and consequently, I am attempting to remove the carpeting which may contain mold, odors, etc. Unfortunately, I can pull up the carpet but the foam backing is stuck to the cement floor!

How do I get it off? I bought a tool like a spackle blade with a long broom handle attached. I used this to scrape it off, but this is backbreaking and takes hours to do a little area.

A.    Try this: Pour boiling water on a 2-square-foot area at a time. Use your scraper to peel the padding off as soon as the adhesive has softened which is almost immediately. It will take time but the stuck padding should come off easily.

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