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Published on February 7th, 2013 | by Henri


Copper pipes turning green

Q.    The copper pipes in my bathrooms have oxidized and the white tiles, grout and bath mat have turned green. There are also green deposits around my faucets. I am getting ready to redo my master bath and am wondering what kind of pipe I could use instead of copper to avoid this.

I’ve been told that the pipes oxidize because of low pH in the water. Our town has hard water and I have purchased a water softener, and I also have filters at the water main. Any suggestions or insights for me?

A.    You should address the pH of the water instead of switching to plastic pipes. The low pH is eating up all your pipes and you may eventually face a very expensive replacement as well as repairs to areas that may become damaged by leaks.

Have a water specialist analyze your water and recommend what needs to be done to bring the pH to a neutral 7.

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