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Published on February 7th, 2013 | by Henri


Installing ridge vents on a hip roof

Q.    In an article you wrote in the Journal of Light Construction on defeating ice dams, you suggested venting cathedral hip roofs by placing ridge vents on the upper portions of the hips. That sounds OK to me, but I can’t figure out a nice continuous way to join the hip and ridge vents where they intersect without rain intrusion. Can you?

A.    I suggest that you cut the ends of the ridge vent sections that are to meet at the top of the hip at whatever angle is required to make them all fit together. When you cap the ridge vents with shingles, it will hide the joints.

Another way is to butt the sections together as they come, i.e., with square ends, cover the open space left at the peak with a piece of aluminum flashing for rigidity, and then cover the flashing with Grace Ice & Water Shield. Apply the cap shingles and cover the peak of the roof with a copper or brown piece of aluminum fitted to the geometry of the joint.

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