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Magnetite storm windows

Q. I recently saw you mention something called Magnetite windows and wonder if they would help our situation.

Our house is west facing on the shores of Lake Champlain, and we get tremendous winds, mostly NW, hitting the front. We have several double-hung windows which we plastic inside each winter because of air infiltration, even though they are double-pane glass and not terribly old.

We don’t really want to incur the cost of replacing the windows, but would also prefer to avoid the time and expense of installing plastic each year, which doesn’t look that great and ends up in the landfill. Can you tell us more about Magnetite windows, whether you think they would help, and where we can find them in Vermont. Or if you have other ideas that could help us.

A. Magnetite storm windows were developed by MIT years ago. They consist of a clear acrylic panel in a frame, which has a metal strip. A magnetic strip is attached to the material onto which the panel will be placed.

They can be removed in the spring and carefully stored. They are pricey, but a lot less than new windows

For it to work in your case, the panels will have to be installed on the window casing (the installer can determine if this is possible), as the infiltration you are experiencing is most likely around the sashes, although it could also be around the casing if the installers did not do a good job of insulating between the window units and the rough framing.

You may want to check to make sure which it is by moving a lighted candle around the perimeter of the windows on a very windy day. If the infiltration is around the casing, this should be addressed first, as the Magnetite may not help.

Acme Glass in Burlington is the only Vermont dealer I know.

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