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Putting new T1-11 siding over old

Q.  The T1-11 siding on my 1970 house looks worn from weather and woodpeckers. My windows also need replacement.

If I go with new windows, not replacement, can I just put new T1-11 over the old?

They have cement siding like T1-11, which is thinner. Do you think it would be better than treated? Would I be able to put insulated sheets behind it?

A. You certainly can put new T1-11 over the old.

To prevent leakage around the new window, and particularly the window heads, be sure that the window flanges are properly flashed and taped.

I am somewhat leery of cement T1-11, as I have seen problems with cem-board siding if it isn’t kept painted and in top shape.

I would urge anyone to take advantage of this opportunity to add 1-inch-thick XPS rigid insulation over the existing siding (if in good enough shape so the insulation can lay flat) in order to improve the comfort, soundproofing and energy efficiency of homes predating the latest construction technologies.

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