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Failed seal on window cannot be repaired

Q.  My daughter has a picture window that we believe is fairly new. However we cannot determine who the manufacturer is. She purchased the house a year ago and the window was replaced several years before that. We noticed that no matter how much she cleaned it either on the inside or outside, it did not clean like the other windows.

Someone suggested that the seal had been broken between the windows and that there are people who can “suck” out the air and reseal the windows. Who do I go to if this is even possible? Thanks for any help you can give me.

A.    If there is condensation or a cloudy film between the two panes of insulated glass, the seal is broken and there is no way to repair it. The window needs to be replaced.

There are markings on the divider between the panes. These markings may indicate who the manufacturer is and usually give the date of manufacture. If you can read them and make a note of them, call or take them to a glass company which may be able to tell you who made the glass and if it still under warranty.

However, insulated glass with a prematurely failed seal may have been installed improperly in which case the warranty will be void.

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