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Published on March 4th, 2013 | by Henri


Treating and sealing mahogany decking

Q.   I have a small open porch on the south side of my house that was built 3 years ago from pressure-treated wood and mahogany that was used for the decking. I just completed the cleaning of the mahogany with a Behr product for “Cleaning, Brightening and Conditioning” that is supposed to restore the wood back to its original beautiful color. The product contained oxalic acid and was applied for approximately 15 minutes and then the  wood was rinsed for about 15 minutes.

The gray color is gone and now I want to seal it. I used Flood CWF-UV on the pressure-treated wood already (which was first cleaned with a Clorox bleach/water solution) and used Thompson’s Advanced sealant on the mahogany the first year when it was built. Can you advise me as to what product would be best to use? These or possibly another one?  I know mahogany is a very dense hardwood quite different from the pressure-treated. Would a paste sealant of some kind be better — if one exists?

A.  Cabot Australian Timber Oil is made specifically for exotic hardwoods. Penofin also makes a product for these woods.

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