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Black specks on camper siding are artillery fungus

Q.    We have a white RV that has little black specks on one side of it. I can’t seem to be able to clean them off with soap and water and when I scrape at them with my fingernail the little bump comes off but not the residue that is left behind. They look like fly specks but I believe you said earlier that they were something else.

The side of the camper is aluminum. I read, sometime ago, about something like this being on the side of a house with siding but I don’t remember what your remedy was for cleaning the specks off.  I would appreciate any help with this annoying problem.

A.    You are referring to the spores of artillery fungus which develop in the decomposition of most organic mulches. These spores explode and are deposited on nearby surfaces; they prefer light-colored ones. They cannot be removed without risking some damage to the surfaces to which they adhere.

This is a spring and fall problem as these spores do not develop in cold or hot weather. The solution is to get rid of all organic mulch and replace it with new rubber mulch or other materials such as grass or ground cover or apply new mulch yearly over the old one to contain the spores.

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