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Cleaning aluminum siding

Q.    My house is a cape with white aluminum siding. How do I clean the siding after 37 years? The surrounding area is covered with evergreen bushes and lawn.

A.    The best way to clean aluminum siding is with a solution made of 1 cup TSP-PF, 1 quart of fresh Clorox bleach and 3 quarts of warm water. You’ll need more than 1 gallon, but keep the same proportions.

If need be, tie back the vegetation that is too close to the siding so you have room to work. Soak the vegetation and grass with water and cover it with plastic before you begin cleaning the siding. Use a soft bristle brush such as the type used to wash cars with. Rinse thoroughly and flush the plastic cover and the ground with plenty of water as TSP-PF is injurious to vegetation.

You can also buy siding cleaners in hardware stores and home centers, but it will be costlier.

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