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Column supporting roof overhang is sinking

Q.    We have a small overhang with a shingled roof and rain gutters in front of our house. The overhang runs over a two-car garage, the front door, and a small patio. The overhang is only about 3 feet deep over the garage doors, but over the front door and patio, it is about 15 feet long and 8 feet deep. The front door is set back from the garage.

There is one wooden column supporting the overhang at the farthest corner of the patio away from the house. The column rests on the concrete slab that forms the patio; the column is not supported by a concrete footer. Over the years, this corner of the patio has sunk approximately 4 to 6 inches. As a result, the roof line of this overhang sags noticeably from left to right and during heavy rains, water overflows the gutter in the low corner of the overhang. I have raised the gutter as high as I can in the corner, but it is still too low.

I would like to raise the low corner of the overhang so that it looks better and also eliminate or reduce the overflowing water problem. Can I raise this corner of the overhang and install a new column supported by a concrete footer?

A.    Yes, you can raise the overhang and bring it back to where it used to be and you will need a footing or some other means of support down to below the frost line in your area. But why do you need a new column? Can’t you use the existing one?

You haven’t said anything about the sunken patio onto which the column is now sitting. Is it cracked or did it settle in one piece and pulled away from the house? This is not a job for a homeowner unless you have the necessary skills and equipment.

You may want to contact a mud-jacking contractor (look in your Yellow Pages under Concrete Contractors and call them to ask if they do mud-jacking or can tell you who does). However, the installation of a new footing is another matter and it may be difficult to provide under the circumstances.

Another option is to have a contractor licensed in the Grip-Tite Slab Pier System perform the leveling of the patio while at the same time using the Grip-Tite Foundation System to provide a “footing” for the column by means of a helical steel post that is driven down to the bearing capacity of the soil for the given condition. To get the name of the nearest Grip-Tite contractor, call 515-462-1313 or visit their Web site at: Study the process and if you are interested in it, click on Find a Contractor and scroll down to your state.

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