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Dehumidifiers needed in most basements

Q.    We live in the woods and have a very deep (400+ foot) well. When the weather is hot and muggy, the cold water pipes in our basement are always dripping with condensation (our well water is quite cold) which not only can be a nuisance but for a period of time also contributes to a strong musty basement smell.

We have considered purchasing a dehumidifier on a few occasions but I wonder if this might just be simply analogous to trying to drain a swimming pool with a spoon (due to the heavy condensation continuously on the pipes during those weeks). What would be your recommendation?

A.    Dehumidifiers are really necessary in most basements, even in houses with central air conditioning.
I do not recommend insulating cold water pipes in a basement as all it does is move the condensation to pipes that are hidden in walls where it can do damage that is not discovered until too late.

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