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Published on May 7th, 2013 | by Henri


Crawl space ventilation

Q.    When we had an addition with a crawl space built we were advised to keep two small cellar windows open into the crawlspace for ventilation. Since that time one of the windows has been used for heat vents from our new furnace. The other window is kept open a small amount, however, it is right over our pellet stove which is in the cellar and I feel that we are losing a lot of the heat from the pellet stove into the crawl space.

Can we close this window during the heating season without having moisture build up in the crawl space?

A.    If the dirt floor of the crawl space is thoroughly covered with 6-mil plastic to control soil moisture, and the grade is sloping away from the foundation to prevent water penetration, there is no need for ventilation. Crawl-space ventilation can cause problems, especially in moderate to warmer climates.

But if the foundation walls of the crawl space are insulated either from inside or outside, and not between the floor joists, the heat from the pellet stove will make the floor above the crawl space warmer — a real plus. You can regulate the amount of heat going into the crawl space by adjusting the opening of the window.

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