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Published on May 7th, 2013 | by Henri


Refinishing an old bathtub

Q.    We recently remodeled our circa 1942 bathroom. We replaced everything, but decided to keep our white, cast iron tub (we have a separate shower stall). The tub is in good condition, aside from some water drip marks and rust around the drain.

Our plan was to have the tub reglazed, but I have heard differing reports on the effectiveness of this. We have 4- and 5-year- old sons, who bathe frequently, so durability is a big issue. Can you give us some feedback on reglazing or offer some other solutions? Thanks.

A.    What lucky parents you are! Young sons who bathe frequently! No hassles, no fights?

Tubs can be successfully reglazed but the reglazing is nowhere as durable as the original finish so no harsh cleaners can be used. Another option is to have a new acrylic tub liner installed. It is also not as tough as the original finish but it is likely to be tougher than the reglazing. Again no harsh cleaners.
You can find someone to reglaze your tub in your Yellow Pages under “Bathtubs & Sinks-Repairing & Refinishing” and someone to line your tub under “Bathroom Remodeling.”

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