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Published on May 7th, 2013 | by Henri


Stripping paint from a deck

Q.    My pressure-treated deck is coated with a latex stain that starts chipping and peeling within a few months. The pressure-treated railing is painted with latex paint and has a similar problem.

I would like to remove the deck stain and paint on the railing and use an oil-based stain on both the deck and railing. The deck is attached to a vinyl-sided house with shrubs on one end.

What is the best way to remove the stain and paint? I have a 2600 PSI pressure washer. Is it possible to use it without damaging the wood?

A.    The use of a pressure washer is not recommended for pressure-treated wood as it can damage the surface of the wood, but it has been used successfully. Your choice. You will have better and faster results applying a stain and paint stripper made for decks such as Wolman’s DeckStrip Stain & Finish Remover.

Once you have obtained the results you want with the stripper, apply one of Wolman’s clear coatings or stains, which are manufactured and are ideal for pressure-treated wood. You can select the product of your choice at, which owns Wolman and several other brands. You should be able to find Wolman’s products in well-stocked building supply or hardware stores, some paint stores and DIY home centers or order them online.

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