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Interior doors swing open

Q.    I live in a townhouse that was built about 15 years ago and I am experiencing problems with the wooden doors to the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms. For some reason, most of the doors (but not all) on the second level want to swing open about halfway.

This means I have to prop them fully open and move the doorstop each time I want to close them. Can you give me any ideas on how to fix this problem? Thank you for your consideration.

A.    This problem usually indicates that the hinge side of the jamb may not be perfectly plumb in one or both directions. When doors swing open, it means that

(a) the top part of the hinge side of the jamb is leaning in the direction of the door swing, or else;

(b) that it is leaning away from the door opening. If a door swings closed, the opposite is the case.

It does not take much to cause this annoyance. In the case of (a), the top hinge needs to be cut farther into the width of the jamb or the bottom hinge brought out.

In the case of (b), the top hinge can be backed by pieces of cardboard or the bottom hinge cut deeper into the thickness of the jamb.

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