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Published on June 3rd, 2013 | by Henri


Re-siding a house that has damaged cedar shakes

Q.    My home is currently sided with individual shakes. On the south side, the sunny side, the paint is in the worst shape. The shakes themselves are splitting and cupped.

If these are replaced and the whole house repainted, what is the time frame, you suspect that this will happen again? What are my choices of alternative siding as I would want to do the work myself?

My first project is window replacement, Andersen 400 series, so I will patch around the windows. The house is a two-story colonial.

A.    It is impossible to keep water from getting in the back of siding. Your painted shakes have cupped and split because the sun drove the moisture in and dried their exposed faces.

Paint is not the best coating for cedar shingles or shakes. It is best to apply an oil-based preservative to renew the natural oils that are leached out of the face of the shakes every few years.

Your choices are:

  1. Use a rain screen below any wood siding. Benjamin Obdyke sells Home Slicker and Home Slicker with Typar if you need a housewrap.
  2. Replace the shakes and use a coating such as Amteco TWP. Buy it in Glidden Professional Paint Centers stores or on-line at
  3. Replace the shakes with CVG (clear vertical grain) cedar clapboards and install them with the rough side out to avoid the problems caused by mill-glazing on the smooth side. Stain them with the same coating as for the shakes.

You have an ambitious program; good luck with it.

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