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Rubber mulch

Q.    I came up with the idea of using rubber for mulch about 40 years ago. Local tire re-cappers would grind down the tire casings in order to re-cap tires. They were glad to give the rubber dust away as they had to pay to get it hauled off. I used it behind the retaining walls I was building to stop frost from cracking and knocking down my walls as it did not absorb water or freeze. I have never had a wall crack.

I also noticed that nothing grew over it so I put a couple of inches of it down on my flowerbeds; I haven’t had to weed them in 30 years. It lasts forever.
But it is no longer available as all re-cappers have closed. Now I need to find a place to buy it as I am ready to build another wall.

A.    What an ingenious use of rubber mulch. You were way ahead of your time! My hat’s off to you.

The good news is that rubber mulch can now be purchased at most hardware and home stores. For more details, a good Web site to check is www.internationalmulch.com.

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