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Published on June 3rd, 2013 | by Henri


Tankless water heaters

Q.    I have been considering installing a tankless water heater which creates hot water on-demand. The gas models require a pilot light. There is also an electric tankless water heater. I would appreciate your comments and advice on these devices.

A.    There are gas-fired tankless water heaters that do not require that a pilot light be on all the time if that is your concern. They have an electronic ignition that lights the heater when hot water is drawn.

Gas-fired tankless heaters require venting to the outside whereas electric models do not. Some can be vented through the wall and require a power-vent, while others must be vented through the roof. Gas-fired models would be my choice; they are available for LP or natural gas. Some models may qualify for significant tax credits.  Check it out with your dealer.

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