Published on June 5th, 2013 | by Henri


PVC Moldings

Q.  have to replace some molding on my screened porch.  The screens are each 43″ wide by 64″ tall.  I saw the 100% cellular PVC molding  (3/4″ quarter-round)  which claims to be rot-free and wondering if  you have any experience with it.  It comes in white and I  would paint it a dark green.  Really need to know if it’s easy to cut and screw in,  and if it really lives up to the promise.

A. Cellular PVC moldings are the wave of the future. They can be tooled just like wood and can be painted, but only with latex paints. Do not use oil-based products on it. Some paint companies make paints specifically for PVC moldings; it’s best to use those if you can find them locally.

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