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Painting a vanity sink top

Q.     I’ve written to you before, and your advice and your column, always, are very much appreciated. The problem this time is one which has become progressively worse. It involves a solid vanity sink top which was manufactured by Formica as a competitive product to Corian; it was 2000X …a very disappointing choice from the get go!

Anyway, the basin area cracked or crazed almost immediately, and has tiny spider type ridges in it — the counter is in beautiful shape which is why I’d like to repair the sink without replacing the whole top. Is there a paint or re-surfacing material you could recommend? Would a professional tub & sink resurfacing handyman be the one to consult? Thank you in advance for your advice.

A.    You can try an epoxy paint made for tub refinishing. Use a foam brush to apply it. Buy it in a hardware store or home center. If you wish to hire a professional, check your Yellow pages under “Bathtubs & Sinks–Repairing & Refinishing.”

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  • Douglas Scott

    The crazing likely was caused from plumbers putty used on the drain. A good tub and tile or silicone caulk shoud have been used, as was likely stated in the instructions.

  • Chris

    How can we paint on sinks??

  • Henri de marne

    The sink will need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove any soap residue. Then the epoxy can be applied following the instructions on the product purchased.

  • Henri de marne

    There is no mention that the crazing is only around the drain; instead I read it as if it is pretty much all over.
    There is no mention either that plumber’s putty was used. Drain kits come with rubber gaskets, which are generally used. Plumber’s putty is usually used when there is no rubber gasket available or it has failed.

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