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Restoring lawn after installing a pool

Q.    Last summer we had an in-ground swimming pool installed in our yard. My lawn was destroyed. It is now all uneven dirt and mud with deep ruts. About 5,000 square feet of lawn was affected.

Should I hire a landscape contractor to reseed and establish a new lawn or should I use sod? If I reseed, will the grass grow spotty and sparse? And if I go with sod, do I have to water it frequently for it to take hold? Thank you very much for your advice.

A.    Why didn’t the people putting the pool in back-rake your backyard? It should be their responsibility. You will need to have the yard smoothed and leveled regardless of the way you choose to repair the lawn.

Seeding is a lot less expensive than sodding, but laying sod gives you an instant lawn, which is not subject to the vagaries of the weather. If you decide to seed the area, you may want to consider having a contractor spray seed and binder – a process called hydro-seeding.

Regardless of your choice, the lawn will have to be watered regularly until it is established.

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