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Annual maintenance of gas grills

Advice from a Reader:

“I just wanted to let you know about two recent experiences I had with propane outdoor grills that could be potentially dangerous.

“There was a blockage in the gas line that caused the gas to come out in front of the burner (outside of the grill) and shoot flames up the front of the grill. The result was melted control knobs. I thought the unit was defective and returned it for another type that uses propane to ignite charcoal. The same thing happened, though no runaway fire occurred. I blew out the gas line with an air compressor and a small spider appeared in the grill.

“Thought you may want to pass this along to readers. It seems like good insurance and preventative maintenance to make sure the gas lines remain clear and if the unit is stored outside, it is likely that critters can invade.”

A.   Thank you very much for reminding me that I should repeat the cautionary advice that I have run intermittently in spring of past years. Spiders and other small creatures will winter in the tiny holes and cause the grill to malfunction as you have experienced. Houses have burned down because of this.

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