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Moisture from basement of new house

Q.    The foundation of our house was built last November, and the house is now complete. There is water on some of the basement walls. The builder says it is condensation from humidity. It is on the top of concrete basement walls for the above-ground portion. Is this common with new construction?

A.    In this case, I agree with your builder. There is a lot of moisture in a new house, particularly in concrete, which is poured with twice the amount of water it really needs for curing. This additional water is needed to make the concrete workable.

Your house was built over the winter and the condensation manifests itself on the coldest parts of the concrete – those above ground. The condensation should clear as the weather warms up but keep in mind that it often take a couple of heating seasons for all the moisture from construction to evaporate. Do ventilate as much as possible.

You didn’t say where your house is. If it is in an area without air-conditioning and you rely on open windows in summer, it may even take longer as the very moist summer air is not conducive to much evaporation.

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