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New septic system makes mowing difficult

Q.   Two years ago a new septic system was installed in my home. Where the property was once level, there is now a large mound with three sides that are very steep making it very difficult to cut the grass on the slopes. What am I better off doing:

  1. Adding more soil to the steep areas to try and grade a more gradual slope?
  2. Planting ground cover over the entire mound to eliminate having to cut the grass in that area?

Are there any other alternatives? I used to love to cut my lawn, now I hate cutting that area.

A.   Although it seem harmless to add soil to the steep slopes — and it may be the best solution — I suggest that you consult with with the system’s designer before changing the contours of the mound system as engineered.

An alternative is to plant ground cover, choosing one that has a very thick root system so it will help draw moisture from the mound. You could also plant water-loving shrubs and transform the steep slopes of the mound into an attractive feature of your yard.

These two suggestions will help what is known as “evapo-transpiration,” a desired function on a mound system. A landscape designer, contractor or garden supply house can advise on the best types of plantings to use.

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