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Published on July 20th, 2013 | by Henri


Renewing stain on wood siding

Q.    My home is currently sided with 1″x 6″ cedar planks. It was built in 1988 with the smooth side exposed. About every three years, I gently power-washed and scrubbed the siding, I then recoated it with a mildew inhibitor and a sealer.

Generally, I used Olympus which was not an oil-base product and I was very happy with the end results. However, it has become very difficult to get therefore I used Behr, an oil-based product which resulted in a general mess. My siding has always had a problem with mildew and now due to the use of an oil-based product it is now streaky with an uneven in appearance.

I would like your recommendations in how to clean up the cedar and return it to its natural appearance and what product to use to reduce the mildew.

A.    You will have to remove all vestiges of the coating on the siding by whatever means is appropriate (pressure-washing, sanding, chemical paint and stain removers). My bias, after years of studying various products and trying some, is for Amteco TWP. It does a superb job, especially with cedar. It has a mildewcide; offers UV protection; protects against decay and insect damage and is water-repellent. Buy it in Glidden Professional stores or on-line at

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