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Chimney-pipe brands should not be mixed

Q.    My wife and I just recently bought a house that is 6-years old and has a wood stove. We had the chimney cleaned and inspected before we started using it this past winter and it failed the safety inspection. The inspector said that it was out of code [for the state of New York] because of mismatched pipe brands.

The chimney is a Class A chimney made up of insulated chimney pipe. From the roof down to the middle of the chimney is all GSW brand insulated chimney and from the middle of the chimney to the stove is Metalbestos insulated chimney; a third brand is unreadable. Also the piece that is unreadable that connects to the stovepipe is installed upside down to mate with the Metalbestos and stove pipe. I would like to get this chimney back up to code the easiest and most affordable way possible so I can burn wood this winter.

If I could just continue the GSW brand insulated pipe all the way to the stove that would work but I believe they are no longer in business since I can’t find their product anywhere. Is there a brand that I can mix with GSW and still be within code? Or have you seen GSW insulated chimney still available? Or can I even remove and replace all the insulated chimney with one brand and leave the existing chimney top installed through the roof and meet code?

A.    The inspector is correct; class A pipe brands are not supposed to be mixed. GSW based in Ontario, Canada was bought out by Selkirk, the Metalbestos manufacturer. The new pipe Selkirk manufactures is called Supervent and is sold in the U.S. in Lowe’s, as well as fireplace stores, and other outlets. Because safety is at stake, your best option is to have a certified chimney sweep, stove shop, or competent mason replace the entire pipe.

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  • You should check before installing any chimney for your home . Because it’s all about the safety of your family. If the company has used any mismatched or low quality brand pipes in your chimney, then it will be rusted in a small-time duration and may cause a fire . So read the guidelines and the products used in the chimney. Go for branded and tested products always. Always buy products tested by “NFPA” i.e National Fire Protection Association. I have installed chimney for my kitchen from Sparks Monroe. Their service is so good and reliable. They provide 24*7 service assistance. They are also using the branded and certified products for all their services.

  • The selkirk supervent chimney is garbage, I bought the whole kit for my oil fired boiler in my new house and installed and before I even used the boiler the chimney had started to rust out from the outside, rust holes the size of my finger! I live nowhere near the ocean, even if I did it shouldn’t rust out if it truly is stainless. Next time I’ll build a real chimney out of bricks

  • To keep safety is at stake best option is to have a certified chimney sweep, stove shop, or competent mason replace the entire pipe. Use of any DIY product like
    EPDM Roofingcan be helpful

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