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Chimney liner must connect to boiler vent

Q.    We had a new chimney liner installed for our furnace (gas boiler). The bottom could not be secured due to 90-degree bend at the bottom and the distance from the opening in the basement (approximately 6 feet).

The installer said it would not be a problem because the liner is sealed at the chimney top and capped; all exhaust would be drawn out. A chimney mason indicated the exhaust would still collect around the liner and cause problems.

Does the bottom of the liner have to be connected and/or sealed? If so, what is the preferred method? Remove stones from outside the chimney, secure the liner, and replace the stones? Expand the horizontal opening from inside (brick lining), secure, and re-brick the hole? The chimney is solid stone with brick going from furnace flue to vertical shaft.

A.    The mason is correct; the liner must be connected to the boiler vent. The way to accomplish this is best left to the mason you select to do the job. From this distance, I can’t possibly tell you what is the best way although I would lean toward working from inside.

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